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An X-Ray, which is short for x-radiation, is a type of imaging test that has been utilized for years. With this technology, doctors can see your bones, muscle and more without having to make an incision. This helps them diagnose, treat and monitor a number of different medical conditions.

X-Ray images are created using a machine that sends X-Ray particles through the body. The X-Ray particles themselves are called photons, and they allow a specialized film or computer to capture the images that are created.

Dense bodily structures, like bone or metal, can prevent most X-Ray particles from travelling through them. On the X-Ray image, this causes these structures to look white. If a structure contains air, it will appear black on the image created. Muscles, fat, and fluids appear in various gray shades.

The X-Ray machine at Health Plus Diagnostic is a very modern equipment handled by experienced technician. It is known to generate extremely accurate results