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36 Parameters
Marraige Profile check helps to prepare the to-be wed couples with both medical and educational components on one's general and reproductive health. This package is designed to detect some of the common health problems, hereditary disorders and certain infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B etc. which may have a bearing on the fertility of the partners and/or child's health and in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Blood Group ABO & RH
HBsAg - Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Quantitative
HIV 4th Gen - HIV Screening 4th Gen (P24 Antigen & HIV Antibodies), Quantitative
VDRL - Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (RPR)
Hb Electrophoresis
Complete Hemogram - 31
(WBC-Total Leucocyte Count, UWBC-Uncorrected White Blood Cell, RBC-Total Red Blood Count, HGB-Haemoglobin, PCV-Haematocrit, MCV-Mean Corpuscular Volume, MCH-Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin, MCHC-Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration, RDW SD-Red Cell Distribution Width, RDW CV-Red Cell Distribution Width Standard Deviation, PLT-Platelet Count, MPV-Mean Platelet Volume, PDW-Platelet Distribution Width, PCT-Plateleterit, NE%-Neutrophils Percentage Count, NEU-Neutrophil Absolute Count, LY%-Lymphocytes Percentage Count, LYM-Lymphocyte Absolute Count, MO%-Monocytes Percentage Count, MO-Monocyte Absolute Count, ESO%-Eosinophil Percentage Count, ESO-Eosinophil Absolute Count, BAS%-Basophil Percentage Count, BAS-Basophil Absolute Count, NRBC%-Nucleated Red Blood Cells Percentage, NRBC-Nucleated Red Blood Cells, EGC%-Early Granulated Cell Percent, EGC-Early Granulated Cell Absolute, LHD-Low Haemoglobin Density, MAF-Microcytic Anemia Factor, ESR-Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Peripheral Blood Smear for Morphology)                       

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